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  • Charlotte drove her fists against him; it was like pounding her hands against a mountainside for all of the effect the effort had.
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    She turned toward him, rolling onto her back and against the shelter of his shoulder and chest. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX JACK SAT ON the side of his bed.
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  • She reluctantly opened the bedroom door to go to the bathroom and groaned in aggravation when she saw the used, wet towel tossed on the bathroom floor. Feeling as if a huge weight was off her shoulders, she proceeded forward.
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    How could she leave a trail of this awful stuff on the floor so she could get to the shower? Her jaw dropped, You re saying if I don t accept this .gift, that you ll take other women?
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    As she ate, she couldn t help but think of the work that waited for the women. The strings form rings around the center with long strings originating at the center and touching every ring as they 305 Lietha Wards spread outwards.
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