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    It was five minutes before eleven o'clock; they had arrived just in time.
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    You know what they say, a dog is a man s best friend, he said.
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  • She drew his breath, his warmth as her own, and within her, it felt natural and right, as though they had been meant to come together like this, in an intermingling of breaths and voices. Jason s grin widened, Good, I know just the place.
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  • She shook her head and smiled at him, I have to go to class tomorrow. At that moment she didn t care about who Lucas was, she gripped him desperately and cried.
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    She remembered the way Tanya was behaving and what Lucas had told her. I never did get around to having those cameras installed.
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  • He threaded his fingers through hers to lead her toward the door. They were all mindless women whose only qualification was their ability to look good.
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    Linda interjected, Come on, let s go or we re going to be too late and I ll miss all the fun.
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