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  • Welcome to the World of POS


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  • I should try again, Kenley said quietly, his hand lingering against her face, the basin of his palm pressing against her cheek. The servers brought glasses of wine or hors d oeuvres by for people to sample.
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  • He said in a tone that had nothing to do with the painting.
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  • I can t just give it up like that Lucas, even for you. For all she knew, he hung out at the all night grocery store scaring stock boys.
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    Once he handed Cindy the soda, she took a sip and gave it back to him. You must remember that it was you who gave yourself to me.
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  • For those of you who don t know me, I m Barry Henderson and I have recently taken over the hotel chain. Linda eagerly took it, while much to his amusement, Tanya 121 Lietha Wards insisted getting out herself.
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    The dog jumped up and ran over to the door to turn the doorknob. Oh, I am sure he is just giddy with the news.
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    Unexpectedly, he turned and looked out the window that she peeked through.
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    His violet eyes gazed over the form under the thin blanket then back up to her face in obvious desire.
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  • Are you going to tell me why you were so preoccupied?
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    I know this is going to sound weird, but you were on board with the cat thing and the sorcerer thing.
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  • His legs grew sore from the endless miles he walked, making his pace slower than he wished.
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  • She only came back to visit her to see if she was calm enough to tell her the truth. She wore her black square framed glasses which slid down her nose.
  • Atlanta POS has been serving the Southeast since 1994 and continues to provide the best product at the best prices found anywhere.

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  • Oh, yes, strung him high and throttled him well, Linford said. Someone without air conditioning had left their window open a few inches, only a screen protecting them from burglars.
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    Linda reached for her purse and brought it around to hold it in front of her stomach. Cole ran over to Blake and turned him over, calling out his name.
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  • Can t you picture peanut butter coming out of the glue bottles? Do not flatter me, she said, drawing her hand from her muff and slapping his arm.
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