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  • He managed to sneak a peek at the crests of her breasts while she was talking to Linda. He tipped his brown hat and set his hand on his holster.
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    He took the soda and returned to Cindy and offered her the drink. The archbishop's gaze traveled beyond her 288 SARA REINKE shoulder, and his voice faltered, fading.
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  • I m sure he ll want to congratulate you on a job well done. Greta focused on the counter as the Formica gave under the pressure of her hand.
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  • Charlotte whirled, wide-eyed with fright, the tackle dropping from her hand.

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  • Finally, Lady Epping had taken notice of Charlotte's hesitation, and had flapped her hand in imperative beckon.
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    Dayne felt the possessiveness curl around him as he grabbed her hand and moved it back to his backside where she'd been kneading his flesh and practically dry humping him moments before.
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  • She d felt so guilty that she d crashed at a friends the last few nights to avoid the guilt she felt, but sooner or later she knew she had to face Elsa.
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  • As Linda turned the pages a well known gorgeous movie star was leaving with him from a fancy restaurant. She did like cooking since it gave her time to listen to the music or audio books on her ipod.
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  • We d also like to know how many children attend. If you had any idea the restraint I was using right now, not to take you back to my bed and make love to you again, you wouldn t doubt my feelings for you ever again.
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  • He was already a mental case when I met him.


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  • She lifted her head to look at him, he was already awake. You might have told me this yesterday, and awarded me some opportunity to preserve my reputation by avoiding you.
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  • We can find him faster if we go on it. The idea that despite everything that had grown between them, Kenley might be keeping secrets troubled her, and 175 HIGHWAYMAN LOVER she did not want to ponder too much or too long about it.
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  • You can expect to find a familiar face at all of Margaret's pre-wedding festivities, she said.
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