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  • She looked down at the plate of fries playing with one of them.
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    Elsa looked up at her and smiled, feeling a little more relaxed, That would be nice. Without Tom, there would be no slanty quotes and I'd look like an even bigger formatting noob.

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  • He crossed back to the computer, loaded the web browser, and typed, Sacrifice, Therian into the search box.
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  • She didn t realize she had dozed off until a slight movement by her bed woke her up.
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  • And I have yet to meet a highway bandit who was a gentleman besides, no matter what the songs and chapbooks tell you.

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  • She laughed, What matters is, he s interested in you.
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  • I drew myself to my own conclusions just to watch, if you gather my inference.
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    Let s just hope we ll be long gone before dinner.
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  • He turned his head at her anxious, quiet voice and met her gaze.

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  • It was a trademark of hers to dress in theatrical fashion as if she was on her way to an extravagant Opera. And that s for refusing Esther and Miriam s offer to pay my bail.
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  • What I want is to let my hand visit those places only recently vacated by Kenley Fairfax's, he said, licking his lips slowly.
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  • I should like to borrow our young Lord Theydon before they depart.
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    She gave him a dazzling smile, You can certainly be convincing. She stood in front of him, gloriously naked and pulsing with desire, her body vibrating with the purrs he knew were more from painful need than contentedness.
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  • Dayne clicked off the phone and glared at Greta, as if she'd somehow personally gummed up the works.
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