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  • If he hadn't fortified himself with so much magic, he would've been killed.
  • Do you suppose some sort of sewer animal could have done this? Anger well up in him, We shall see about that.
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  • Are you on your way to Madam Constance s bordello? the creep asked. Since I can't keep an eye on you 24/7, when I can't watch you you'll be locked in the guest room.
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    Charlotte came to a halt lying facedown, breathless and stunned, her mouth filled with dirt and grit. Am I going to make a mess in the living room? he asked uncertainly.
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    His touch haunted her flesh and her body charged with desire every time images of his naked body flashed in her mind.
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  • He brought a pocket calendar to mark the days he had left before he could return home and pick up where his life left off. I m not sure if friends is the right word, but they do know each other.
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  • He made his way on top of her, until his body hovered just inches above hers.
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    Just as he was about to put his last pile of shirts in the dresser, she ran into the room and stepped in front of the open drawer.
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