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    He sighed forcing himself to continue, The difficulty you have distinguishing dream from reality are my doing. I am sorry for my delay, Mother, he said quietly.
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  • He would not sit still long enough to eat, much less down a snifter. What was the point in reminding her that real life was nothing like the 2 Meant To Be romance novels she read where people found their true love and lived happily ever after?
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  • Charles didn t do it when Ted was nearby, but as soon as Ted was out of hearing range, Charles would cheer her on for working.
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  • I told my dad not to send that stuff up. He leaped off the roof landed effortlessly on the lawn with a slight bend in his knees to absorb the shock from a three story jump and watched the cab pull away as he erected himself.
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  • Imagine having that next to you all night .she sighed. The man, who had been kneeling in front of a stack of newspapers, looked up at her.
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