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  • We can summon the sheriff and show him what James has done. There is something I need to confess to you, but after I get you home.
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    His chest tightened, and a rush of compassion overwhelmed him for the frightened animal.
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    Though Megan hadn t voiced a single complaint about Richie, Richie might take her grimace the wrong way.

    Do you want me to stop? he said, his voice little more than a rumbled murmur from his throat.
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  • I don't know what your problem is, but I don't want to die.

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    Atlanta POS has been serving the Southeast since 1994 and continues to provide the best product at the best prices found anywhere.




    The Tek-365 is a Fan-Less all-in-one POS Terminal that is uniquely designed for the harsh environment of Restaurant POS. The Fan-Less design combined with a Solid State Drive means the Tek-365 has no moving parts and therefore will be much more durable than traditional POS terminals.